The Danish Schubert Trio

The Danish Schubert Trio was founded in 2008 by Birte Dalbauer-Stokkebæk, Lars Baunkilde and Morten Mogensen. The trio members first met in 1983 when studying at The Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Through the years, the three musicians have worked together performing a variety of musical genres - from baroque and classical music to opera and contemporary music.

On our program we have the famous Arpeggione Sonata, written by Schubert in 1824 for, at that time, the newly invented instrument.

The Arpeggione, also known as Bogenguitarre or Guitar-Violoncel, is a bowed guitar held like a cello but with frets like a guitar. It is a six-stringed instrument tuned like a guitar but bowed like a cello. The sound is a mixture of the sonority of the cello and the crispness of the guitar.

We are using the Arpeggione in other works and songs by Schubert in the two cantata like works, Der Hirt aus dem Felsen and Auf Dem Strom, and in songs from Winterreise. Lars Baunkilde arranged these works especially for The Danish Schubert Trio.

Birte Dalbauer-Stokkebæk studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. She regularly performs with three ensembles, The Danish Schubert Trio, Baroque Ensemble Lachrimae and the trio for contemporary music Passage. Birte appears on several CDs, among others Fire Generationer Ny Dansk Musik (four generations of contemporary Danish music) on Helikon Records. Birte holds a Master degree in audiologopedia from The University of Copenhagen. Today Birte lives in Vienna, Austria where she works as a freelance singer and teaches in her voice studio Zentrum Stimme.  

Lars Baunkilde studied doublebass and Violone in Copenhagen (DK), Ålborg (DK) and in Den Haag (NL).

Since 1991 he has played in Concerto Copenhagen and other early music ensembles in Europe, USA and Brazil. Lars performs on many CDs and as soloist on The Viennese Violone (Helikon Records). Since 2003 he has been playing Arpeggione, on which he regularly performs.

Morten Mogensen (fortepiano) began playing at the age of six. He studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Music with professor Anker Blyme and made his debut from the soloists’ class in 1990.

In 1984 Morten Mogensen formed (together with Søren Elbæk and Troels Svane) The Copenhagen Trio. He has appeared as a recitalist and chamber musician throughout Europe, South America, USA and Japan. Morten Mogensen has recorded more than 30 CDs on the label Kontrapunkt. His recent solo projects include a series of recordings of the complete piano works by P.E. Lange-Müller and the piano sonatas by C.E.F. Weyse. Since 2003 he plays a replica of an instrument by Walter & Sohn from ca. 1805.

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